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Pokemon Unite Snorlax Build & Guide

Best Snorlax build guide for Season 9 in Pokemon Unite. With our Snorlax guide, you will learn the best Held and Battle items to build, moveset, and how to use the moves of Snorlax properly. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Snorlax and counter your enemies.




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Snorlax Moves

Learn how to use each move properly

Gluttony Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


Passive Ability

Increases the effects gained from eating Berries.

Basic Attack Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


Basic Ability

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. When this boosted attack hits, it deals damage to nearby enemies and decreases their movement speed for a short time.
Tackle Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Tackle Move 1

cooldown timer icon 6sDash

Charge forward belly first, dealing damage when it hits and shoving the first enemy it comes in contact with. After this move, the user’s next basic attack becomes a boosted attack.

Tackle is your only offensive move. It deals a good amount of damage and it converts your next basic attack into a boosted attack, making it more potent.

If your next attack is a boosted attack and you are already near your opponent, use the boosted attack first so you can pull off two consecutive boosted attacks and deal more damage to your enemies.

Tackle Upgrade Options
Heavy Slam Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Heavy Slam

cooldown timer icon 7sDash

Has the user slam its heavy body down, dealing damage to enemies in the area of effect and throwing them.

Increased damage.

Heavy Slam is a great crowd control ability. It deals damage on a large area and it also throws affected enemies, disrupting whatever they are doing.

Heavy Slam is best for initiating fights, chasing opponents, protecting goal zones, and for escaping.

If you want to use Heavy Slam for escaping, hold it then manually target it away from your enemies.

Flail Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


cooldown timer icon 6.5sHindrance

Has the user flail about, increasing the user’s basic attack damage the lower the user’s HP is.

Increased damage. If the user has low HP while using this move, its basic attacks that hit enemies will restore the user’s HP.

Flail is a buff that increases the damage of Snorlax’s basic attacks. It does good damage and it turns Snorlax into an offensive all-arounder but its alternative, Heavy Slam is too good to pass up so this move is rarely used.

Rest Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Rest Move 2

cooldown timer icon 10sHindrance

Has the user fall asleep on the spot and restores its HP. Blocks the movement of all enemies while this move is in effect.

Rest is great for quickly restoring your HP under your own goal zones if there are no Berries available yet.

You can also use it to block enemies from reaching your allies or the goal zones since you can block enemy movement while resting.

Rest Upgrade Options
Block Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


cooldown timer icon 11sHindrance

Has the user spread its arms wide to create a wall and grants it a shield. Prevents enemies from passing through the wall and shoves them if they run into it.

Reduces the damage the user receives while this move is in effect.

Block prevents enemies from passing through you and you can shove and also interrupt them from what they are doing while you shove them.

Use Block to prevent enemies from chasing your team and to prevent them from scoring.

You can use Block offensively by preventing enemies from defending their goal zones and you can also prevent enemies from blocking Rotom.

You can also force enemies to use the jump pads at the center of the map by trapping them underneath them.

Snorlax gains a shield while Block is active and when this move is upgraded into Block+ it grants damage reduction as well.

Yawn Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


cooldown timer icon 12sHindrance

Has the user let loose a huge yawn that lulls enemies into a sleepy haze, putting enemies hit by this move to sleep.

Decrease the movement speed of enemies for a short time when this move hits.

Yawn is a strong hindrance that puts enemies to sleep. Once enemies are asleep, they become vulnerable to attacks. You can use Yawn to shut down strong or fast enemies because you and your team will be able to burst them down.

You can also use Yawn to deny enemies the chance to land last hit on Zapdos, Drednaw, or Rotom so your team can safely secure them.

Power Nap Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Power Nap Unite Move


Unlocks at level 10

Go to sleep and begin snoring, dealing damage over time to enemies in the area of effect and throw them. While sleeping, become immune to hindrances and continually restore HP.

Power Nap is one of the strongest area control Unite moves in the game. It throws enemies, interrupting them and then it deals constant damage, making it impossible for enemies to score while this Unite move is active.

It also grants Snorlax high HP regeneration, making Snorlax almost impossible to kill when cast inside his own goal zones and it makes him immune to hindrances.

Snorlax Builds

Here are our Recommended builds on Snorlax

Build Name: Heavy Block

Move Path

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 1


Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 3


Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 6

Heavy Slam

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 8


Held Items

Battle Item

Eject Button Battle Item


 Focus Band helps Snorlax to quickly recover lost HP when he drops to a dangerously low HP level. As a defender, regeneration is important for buying precious time as you are waiting for teammates to back you up.

 Score Shield allows you to score whenever you want to because it gives a shield to you whenever you attempt to score. As long as you have your shield available, you will be uninterruptible.

 Buddy Barrier grants a bonus shield to you and to an allied Pokemon when you activate Power Nap, Snorlax’s Unite Move. This will greatly increase the chance that you and an ally of yours will survive the clutch fight.

 Eject Button is your friend when you are trying to escape multiple enemies or if you want to initiate unto a team fight and surprise your enemies.

Build Name: Flail Yawn

Move Path

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 1


Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 3


Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 6


Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Level 8


Held Items

Battle Item

Eject Button Battle Item

The Flail Yawn build turns Snorlax into a dangerous basic attacker that can match the damage per second of most offensive type Pokemon. Snorlax may lack the mobility of other damage-type Pokemon but it makes it for up thanks to its high HP and defense stats.

 Scope Lens grants increased critical-hit rate and critical-hit damage. Since Snorlax turns into a basic attack based damager using this build, this Held item will increase its overall damage per second by a significant amount.

 Muscle Band adds bonus damage to the basic attack of the user based on the current HP of the target enemy. It also increases its user’s attack speed so it synergizes with Flail as it will increase the number of basic attacks Snorlax can do while the buff is active.



Snorlax Gameplay Guide

Snorlax can be one of the most oppressive tank supports in the game if played correctly. Even if Snorlax do not have that much damage, he is still a force to be reckoned with because of his large AoE hindrance moves, high HP, and high defenses.

Snorlax is usually played in the top lane or bottom lane together with an attacker or all-rounder. Be careful not to steal wild Pokemon from your lane partner as Snorlax does well in the game even if it is lagging behind in terms of experience points.

Snorlax’s boosted attacks deal bonus damage in a small area and it slows. Plus, it automatically becomes available when you use Snorlax’s Tackle move. With this in mind, you can use boosted attack – Tackle – boosted attack to deal some burst damage to enemies. Learning this is important for Snorlax because he only has one damaging move.

You can always have a boosted attack ready before going into a fight by attacking even if there are no enemies around. You will be able to tell when Snowlax’s boosted attack is ready by activating the boosted attack gauge in the settings.

After using the Tackle combo, use can use Rest to block enemies so you will prevent them from reaching your allies or the wild Pokemon you are trying to contest.

Snorlax’s Gluttony passive makes it heal so much from eating the berries behind the first goal zones. You can attempt to steal their fruits by using Tackle or Heavy Slam as you will be healing the damage anyway.

What is the role of Snorlax when taking objectives?

If you are laning in the top lane, always rotate when Drednaw spawns. Snorlax’s role when taking objectives, Rotom and Zapdos included, is to prevent enemies from reaching the objectives by using Heavy Slam, Block, Yawn, and Power Nap. 

Middle and Late Game

Using the Heavy Block Build

The Heavy Block Build is an area control build that focuses on using hindrances on enemies for both defense and offense.

Use Heavy Slam on as many enemies as possible then follow it up with Block. Remember to manually aim Block as you want to aim it towards your team if you want to use it offensively and aim it towards the enemy team if you want to push the enemy away from your team.

Use the Heavy Slam into Block combo to:

  1. Set up a burst damage combo for your allies.
  2. To prevent enemies from scoring.
  3. To prevent enemies from interrupting your allies as they score.
  4. To prevent enemies from attempting to steal an objective from your team.

Using the Flail Yawn Build

The Flail Yawn build turns Snorlax into a Pokemon that is capable of dealing a lot of damage. Those who are not familiar with this build will be surprised by how much damage Snorlax can do while its Flail is activated.

You will be doing some serious damage with this build but it has a glaring weakness which is that Snorlax can be easily kited by the enemy team. Remember to stay close to your team while using this build so you will be able to deal damage to those who want to kill your teammates instead of wasting your time on a pointless goose chase.

When is the best time to use the Power Nap Unite move?

The Power Nap move is best used in big fights where you can interrupt as many enemies as possible. Of course, use it when Snowlax is low on HP so you can take advantage of the huge shielding and healing from the Unite move.

Did you know? 

Snorlax is a voracious eater, requiring 400 kgs of food every single day but luckily, it is not a picky eater. Its strong stomach can handle moldy foods, thorny plants, or even poison.

Pokemon Unite:: Snorlax Spotlight Video

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