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Welcome to PokemonUniteBuild.com! This website caters to beginners of Pokemon Unite who wants to know the optimal move path, held item and battle item build for their favorite Pokemon. There are hundreds of possible move path and item combinations in Pokemon Unite and PokemonUniteBuild is here to show you the optimal build for all situations! We are going to show you two different build for each Pokemon so you can have flexibility on playstyles when different situations arise and of course, multiple styles of playing are always fun!

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Pokemon Unite Item Types

  • Held Items – Held Items are power ups that gives your Pokémon bonus stats and depending on the held items, they can give special effects such as healing, bonus damage, and shielding! They costs resources such as Aeos coins or tickets to buy and upgrade so be careful on what held items you are going to buy and upgrade.
    Some held items are better for your Pokémon and some should not be used on your Pokémon. For example, Pokémon that uses physical attack like Zeraora would not benefit from Held items that increases special attack like the Wise Glasses.
    Check our guides so you won’t waste your Aeos resources buying and upgrading the wrong held items!
  • Battle items – Battle items are active abilities that are equipped before the battle starts. It ranges from simple effects like restoring your Pokemon’s HP, to increasing your damage or movement speed, to a blink ability that can help you escape or chase enemies.
    They are unlocked simply by leveling up your trainer so the only thing you have to worry about is what battle item is best used for the situation.
    You can never go wrong with the Eject Button that is great for all situations because extra mobility is always good. But check our guides so you can know other Battle items that can be used for your favorite Pokémon!

Pokemon Classes

  • All-Rounder: Pokémon that has balanced offense and defense. They can be played to be offense oriented or defense oriented. They also usually have good mobility.
  • Attacker:As the name suggests, attackers are Pokémon focused on offense. They are played to deal damage and create space for their team through their variety of aggressive moves.
  • Defender: Contrary to attackers, Defenders are Pokémon focused on defense. They excel at defending goal zones and their teammates thanks to their high endurance and hindrance focused moves.
  • Speedster: The Speedster class are the assassins of Pokémon Unite. They are capable of dealing lots of damage and moving across the battlefield with ease. Of course, even with their high attack stats they are balance because they are easily punished because of their squishy nature.
  • Supporter: The supporter class are there to augment to each Pokémon Unite team. They help the other Pokémon do their thing and bring their best in every situation!