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Pokemon Unite Inteleon Build & Guide

Best Inteleon build guide for Season 9 in Pokemon Unite. With our Inteleon guide, you will learn the best Held and Battle items to build, moveset, and how to use the moves of Inteleon properly. Learn tips and tricks on how to play Inteleon and counter your enemies.




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Inteleon Moves

Learn how to use each move properly

Sniper Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


Passive Ability

When Inteleon stays near a wall for 1 second, it becomes camouflaged, making opposing Pokémon unable to target it and starts accumulating critical counters (up to a maximum of 3). While camouflaged, Inteleon’s movement is slowed by 10%. It gains a critical counter as soon as the camouflage is activated, and then gains a new counter every 3 seconds while remaining camouflaged. However, dealing or receiving damage prevents Inteleon from initiating camouflage for 3 seconds. When a critical counter is consumed, Inteleon’s next attack or move that can critically strike is guaranteed to be a critical hit, dealing 250% damage instead of the usual 200%.

Basic Attack Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


Basic Ability

Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage with an increased critical-hit rate.
Tearful Look Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Tearful Look Move 1

cooldown timer icon 8ssDebuff

Decreases the Attack and Sp. Atk of the target Pokémon by 20% for 3s. Inteleon gains a critical counter and increases its movement speed.

Tearful Look is one of Inteleon’s Move 1 options, available for upgrade at either level 1 or level 3. When activated, Tearful Look has a unique effect on the target Pokémon. It decreases the Attack and Sp. Atk stats of the targeted Pokémon by 20% for a duration of 3 seconds. Additionally, when Tearful Look is used, Inteleon gains a critical counter and experiences an increase in its movement speed.

  1. Disrupting Enemy Attackers: Use Tearful Look on enemy attackers, especially those dealing heavy damage, to weaken their offensive output. Reducing their Attack and Sp. Atk stats by 20% for 3 seconds can significantly limit their damage potential, making them more vulnerable to your team’s attacks.
  2. Securing Objectives: When your team is contesting objectives like Dreadnaw or Rotom, using Tearful Look on the opposing team’s Pokemon can help your team gain an advantage during the battle. The reduced offensive capabilities of the enemy will make it easier for your team to secure the objective and emerge victorious in team fights.
  3. Escaping from Fights: If you find yourself in a challenging situation where you need to retreat, Tearful Look can grant you an advantage in escaping. The increase in movement speed can help Inteleon maneuver around the battlefield more swiftly, allowing you to evade enemy attacks and regroup with your team.
  4. Combination with Teammates: Tearful Look’s debuff effect can be maximized when used in conjunction with other crowd control or area-of-effect moves from your teammates. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on the reduced offensive capabilities of the enemy, enabling your team to secure eliminations or control key areas of the map.
Tearful Look Upgrade Options
Fell Stinger Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Fell Stinger

cooldown timer icon 7ssDash

Inteleon fires a sharp stinger in the designated direction. The stinger stops at the first Pokémon hit or when it reaches a wall. If it hits a Pokémon it deals damage and Inteleon gains two critical counters. If it reaches a wall, this move’s cooldown is reduced by half and Inteleon is pulled to the wall and starts camouflaging.

Fell Stinger is one of Inteleon’s Move 1 options, available for upgrade at level 5. When this move is activated, Inteleon fires a sharp stinger in the designated direction. The stinger travels until it hits the first Pokémon encountered or reaches a wall. If it successfully hits a Pokémon, Fell Stinger inflicts damage to the target, and Inteleon gains two critical counters, which are essential for dealing powerful critical hits.

Additionally, if Fell Stinger hits a wall instead of a Pokémon, the move’s cooldown is reduced by half, and Inteleon is pulled towards the wall, initiating camouflage. During camouflage, Inteleon becomes camouflaged, making it difficult for opposing Pokémon to target it. However, it’s worth noting that while camouflaged, Inteleon’s movement speed is slowed by 10%.

When to Upgrade Fell Stinger in Gameplay: Upgrading Fell Stinger at level 5 can be a strategic choice based on the current match dynamics and the desired playstyle. Here are some scenarios when upgrading Fell Stinger can be a favorable option:

  1. Early Game Aggression: At level 5, Fell Stinger can significantly improve Inteleon’s early game aggression and burst damage potential. The two critical counters gained upon hitting an enemy Pokémon allow Inteleon to unleash powerful critical hits more frequently. This can be especially beneficial during early skirmishes or when contesting objectives like wild Pokémon or goal zones.
  2. Poke and Harass: Fell Stinger is an excellent tool for poking and harassing enemy Pokémon from a distance. The ability to shoot the stinger in a designated direction allows Inteleon to safely deal damage to opponents without overcommitting to a fight. The critical counters acquired from successful hits can help Inteleon secure eliminations or weaken enemies for your team to follow up.
  3. Mobility and Escape: If the match involves a lot of movement and positioning, choosing Fell Stinger can provide Inteleon with increased mobility. The move’s interaction with walls allows for clever positioning and quick escapes from dangerous situations. Camouflaging near walls can make Inteleon harder to target, aiding in survival during hectic battles.
  4. Combo Potential: Fell Stinger’s cooldown reduction when hitting walls provides combo potential with other moves or abilities. Coordinating with teammates who have abilities that manipulate enemy positioning or create walls can lead to devastating follow-up plays, creating favorable team fight outcomes.
Acrobatics Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


cooldown timer icon 8ssDash

Inteleon glides in the designated direction. If it hits a Pokémon or a wall, it can glide in a designated direction a second time. If Inteleon hits a Pokémon while gliding, Inteleon deals damage to it and decreases its movement speed by 30% for 2s. Every time Inteleon glides in a designated direction, it gains a critical counter. If Inteleon bounces off a wall or Pokémon, Liquidation’s current cooldown is reduced by 2s.

This move can also be used while attacking with Liquidation.

Acrobatics is one of Inteleon’s Move 1 options, available for upgrade at level 5. When Acrobatics is activated, Inteleon glides in the designated direction, granting it exceptional mobility and maneuverability. The glide can be initiated from a standstill or while moving, allowing Inteleon to swiftly traverse the battlefield and reposition itself during battles.

If Acrobatics hits a Pokémon or a wall during the glide, Inteleon gains the ability to perform a second glide in the designated direction. This secondary glide can be used immediately or saved for later use. Notably, if Inteleon hits a Pokémon while gliding, it deals damage to the target and reduces its movement speed by 30% for a duration of 2 seconds. This debuff can be advantageous in securing eliminations or escaping from enemies pursuing Inteleon.

Moreover, each time Inteleon performs a glide in a designated direction, it gains a critical counter. These critical counters are crucial for enabling Inteleon to execute powerful critical hits, enhancing its offensive capabilities during engagements.

Furthermore, if Inteleon bounces off a wall or a Pokémon during the glide, the current cooldown of its move “Liquidation” is reduced by 2 seconds. This interaction promotes strategic play, as it incentivizes utilizing Acrobatics in combination with Liquidation, Inteleon’s Move 2 option, to maximize its damage potential.

Upgrading Acrobatics at level 5 can be a strategic choice that enhances Inteleon’s mobility, damage output, and overall versatility in various scenarios. Here are some situations where Acrobatics can be an excellent option for upgrade:

  1. Mobility and Positioning: Acrobatics excels in providing Inteleon with unparalleled mobility and swift repositioning. If the match demands frequent movement, such as rotating between lanes, securing objectives, or contesting wild Pokémon, upgrading Acrobatics can be advantageous for staying agile on the battlefield.
  2. Escaping from Dangerous Situations: The ability to perform two glides in succession can help Inteleon escape from dangerous situations or potential ambushes. If cornered or surrounded by enemies, using Acrobatics can aid in creating distance and finding a safer location to regroup with teammates.
  3. Chasing and Engaging Enemies: Acrobatics can be utilized offensively to close the gap between Inteleon and enemy Pokémon. Engaging in surprise attacks with Acrobatics and following up with damaging moves can catch opponents off guard, giving Inteleon the upper hand in one-on-one encounters.
  4. Combo with Liquidation: Combining Acrobatics with Liquidation can lead to devastating combos, especially in team fights or skirmishes. Bouncing off walls or enemies during the glide reduces Liquidation’s cooldown, allowing Inteleon to utilize it more frequently and deal consistent damage to multiple targets.
Water Gun Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Water Gun Move 2

cooldown timer icon 7ssRanged

Water Gun is one of Inteleon’s Move 2 options, available at either level 1 or level 3. When activated, Inteleon skillfully squirts water, launching precise shots at opposing Pokémon it encounters. The water projectiles deal damage to the target upon impact, making Water Gun an essential tool for engaging in ranged combat and applying consistent pressure to opponents.

Water Gun’s reliable damage output makes it an effective tool for both poke and sustained damage during battles. The move allows Inteleon to keep a safe distance from enemies while continuously dealing damage, making it a suitable choice for players who prefer a more conservative playstyle.

When to Upgrade Water Gun in Gameplay: Deciding when to upgrade Water Gun at either level 1 or level 3 depends on the overall team composition and your preferred role in the match. Here are some scenarios where upgrading Water Gun can be a suitable option:

  1. Early Game Pressure: If your team aims to establish early game dominance and secure early objectives, upgrading Water Gun at level 1 can be advantageous. The consistent damage from Water Gun can contribute to weakening enemy Pokémon and create opportunities for securing objectives like wild Pokémon or early goal zones.
  2. Poke and Zone Control: Water Gun excels in providing poke and zone control during the laning phase and in team fights. Use Water Gun to consistently chip away at the health of enemy Pokémon from a safe distance, making it difficult for them to approach or contest objectives.
  3. Sustained Damage in Team Fights: In team fights, Water Gun’s reliable damage output can help Inteleon contribute sustained damage to multiple opponents. This can be especially valuable when engaging in extended team battles around objectives like Dreadnaw or Rotom.
  4. Safety in Engagement: Upgrading Water Gun can allow Inteleon to maintain a safe distance from opponents while still contributing to team fights. This can be beneficial when facing aggressive opponents or when you need to remain cautious due to low health.
Water Gun Upgrade Options
Snipe Shot Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Snipe Shot

cooldown timer icon 7.5ssRanged

Snipe Shot is one of Inteleon’s Move 1 options, available for upgrade at level 7. When activated, Inteleon carefully aims for up to 6 seconds before unleashing a precise shot. The shot is fired in the designated direction, targeting opposing Pokémon it encounters. Snipe Shot possesses the unique ability to partially ignore the target’s Sp. Def (Special Defense), making it effective against opponents with high Sp. Def stats.

The effectiveness of Snipe Shot increases based on the duration of the aiming phase. The longer Inteleon aims (up to 6 seconds), the more precise the shot becomes, significantly reducing the possible spread. Achieving maximum precision after aiming for 1.25 seconds enables Inteleon to deal more damage, making each shot count.

Furthermore, the damage of Snipe Shot is influenced by the distance between Inteleon and the target Pokémon. The farther Inteleon is from the target, the more damage the shot inflicts. This makes Snipe Shot an excellent tool for engaging enemies from a distance, applying pressure during team fights, or executing unexpected bursts of damage.

It’s important to note that Inteleon can store up to three uses of Snipe Shot in reserve, allowing for strategic timing of shots during prolonged engagements. However, there is a cooldown of 1.5 seconds between each use, requiring careful consideration of when to deploy subsequent shots.

When to Upgrade Snipe Shot in Gameplay: Choosing to upgrade Snipe Shot at level 7 can significantly impact Inteleon’s ability to deal high burst damage and influence team fights. Here are some situations when upgrading Snipe Shot can be a favorable option:

  1. High Burst Damage: Snipe Shot excels in dealing high burst damage to key targets, especially those with high Sp. Def. By carefully aiming and achieving maximum precision, Inteleon can become a threat to opponents who are typically more resilient to regular attacks.
  2. Pick-Off Targets: Snipe Shot can be a valuable tool for picking off low-health enemy Pokémon from a distance. Capitalize on the precision of the shot to secure eliminations on fleeing opponents or those attempting to retreat.
  3. Engaging from a Safe Distance: Upgrading Snipe Shot allows Inteleon to engage enemies from a safe distance. This makes it suitable for players who prefer a more calculated and cautious playstyle, avoiding direct confrontations while still contributing significant damage.
  4. Objective Control: Snipe Shot can be instrumental in controlling objectives like Zapdos or Rotom. The ability to deal substantial damage from a distance can influence critical late-game team fights and secure crucial objectives for the team.
Liquidation Pokemon Unite Ability Icon


cooldown timer icon 6.5ssSure Hit

Liquidation is one of Inteleon’s Move 2 options, available for upgrade at level 7. When activated, Inteleon starts firing water projectiles at the designated Pokémon, dealing damage upon impact. The unique characteristic of Liquidation is that the water projectiles can hit targets other than the designated Pokémon. However, the damage is only applied to the first Pokémon hit by each water projectile.

During the execution of Liquidation, Inteleon rapidly fires a total of 8 water projectiles within a short duration of 1.7 seconds. However, while using Liquidation, Inteleon’s movement speed is significantly reduced, making it more vulnerable to enemy attacks. This trade-off requires careful positioning and timing to ensure the most effective use of the move.

An additional strategic aspect of Liquidation is its “Stackable Damage Bonus” feature. If Inteleon successfully hits the same Pokémon five times with the water projectiles within a short time frame, it will gain a 20% damage bonus against that specific Pokémon for a duration of 3 seconds. Utilizing this damage bonus can be a game-changer in securing eliminations and creating impactful team fight scenarios.

When to Upgrade Liquidation in Gameplay: Choosing to upgrade Liquidation at level 7 can provide Inteleon with a powerful area-of-effect (AOE) damage ability that can sway team fights and contribute to securing objectives. Here are some scenarios when upgrading Liquidation can be a favorable option:

  1. Team Fight Impact: Liquidation’s AOE nature makes it especially effective during team fights or skirmishes involving multiple enemy Pokémon. The ability to damage multiple opponents within a short duration can turn the tide in favor of Inteleon’s team.
  2. Objective Control: Liquidation is valuable when contesting objectives like Dreadnaw or Zapdos, where enemy Pokémon tend to gather in close proximity. Utilize Liquidation’s AOE potential to deal significant damage to enemy Pokémon vying for control of these critical objectives.
  3. Stackable Damage Bonus: Mastering Liquidation’s “Stackable Damage Bonus” is key to maximizing Inteleon’s damage output. Aim to consistently hit the same Pokémon multiple times with water projectiles to trigger the damage bonus, making each subsequent shot even more impactful.
  4. Combos with Crowd Control: Coordinating Liquidation with crowd control abilities from teammates can amplify its effectiveness. Combining Liquidation with moves that immobilize or group enemies together can result in devastating combos that decimate opposing teams.
Azure Spy Vision Pokemon Unite Ability Icon

Azure Spy Vision Unite Move


Azure Spy Vision is Inteleon’s powerful Unite Move, available at level 9. When activated, Inteleon gains extraordinary vision capabilities, enabling it to detect nearby Pokémon that are hiding in tall grass or stealth. This unique ability gives Inteleon and its team a significant advantage by revealing hidden enemy positions and potential ambushes.

The duration of Azure Spy Vision lasts for 10.5 seconds, providing ample time for Inteleon to scan the battlefield and uncover concealed threats. During this period, Inteleon’s critical-hit rate is doubled, heightening the chances of dealing critical hits with each attack or move. Additionally, Azure Spy Vision grants Inteleon one critical counter per second, further empowering its ability to deliver devastating critical hits.

The enhanced vision and critical-hit benefits of Azure Spy Vision are especially advantageous during crucial moments, such as late-game team fights or when securing important objectives like Zapdos or Rotom. By gaining insight into enemy positions and maximizing critical-hit potential, Inteleon becomes a formidable force on the battlefield.

When to Use Azure Spy Vision in Gameplay: The strategic use of Azure Spy Vision can turn the tide of battles and lead to decisive victories for Inteleon’s team. Consider the following scenarios when deciding to activate Azure Spy Vision during gameplay:

  1. Scouting and Detection: Azure Spy Vision is invaluable for scouting and detecting hidden enemy Pokémon. Use this Unite Move to uncover enemy ambushes, identify enemy movements in tall grass, and reveal potential ganking opportunities for your team.
  2. Late-Game Team Fights: During late-game team fights, activating Azure Spy Vision can provide a significant advantage. The doubled critical-hit rate and continuous accumulation of critical counters enable Inteleon to deal massive damage to key targets and potentially secure eliminations on high-priority opponents.
  3. Objective Control: When contesting objectives like Zapdos or Rotom, Azure Spy Vision can be a game-changer. By revealing enemy positions and gaining critical counters, Inteleon can become a potent threat in securing crucial objectives for its team.
  4. Coordination with Teammates: Communication and coordination with teammates are essential when using Azure Spy Vision. Inform your team of the revealed enemy positions to set up ambushes, initiate team fights, or make strategic decisions based on the newfound information.

Inteleon Builds

Here are our Recommended builds on Inteleon

Build Name: Damage Focus

Move Path

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Water Gun

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Tearful Look

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability

Fell Stinger

Low Sweep Pokémon Unite Ability


Held Items

Battle Item

Eject Button Battle Item

In “Pokemon Unite,” Inteleon shines as a stealthy and deadly Attacker, capable of delivering devastating critical hits from a safe distance. To unlock Inteleon’s full potential and dominate the battlefield, mastering the right move path and optimizing its held items and battle item is crucial. In this comprehensive build guide, we’ll explore the best move path and recommended held items and battle item for Inteleon.

Move Path:

Water Gun (Level 1):

Start your journey with Water Gun, Inteleon’s primary basic attack. It allows you to deal consistent ranged damage to opponents, especially in the early stages of the game.

Tearful Look (Level 3):

At Level 3, unlock Tearful Look, an essential utility move. It decreases the Attack and Sp. Atk of the target Pokémon by 20% for 3 seconds, providing you with a chance to soften up opponents before engaging in all-out battles.

Fell Stinger (Level 5):

At Level 5, choose Fell Stinger as your next upgrade. This move unleashes a sharp stinger in the designated direction, stopping at the first Pokémon hit or a wall. If it connects with a Pokémon, Inteleon gains two critical counters, setting up massive critical hits. If it hits a wall, the move’s cooldown is halved, and Inteleon is pulled to the wall, activating camouflage.

Liquidation (Level 7):

As you reach Level 7, unlock Liquidation, an excellent AOE (area-of-effect) move. Inteleon fires water projectiles at the designated Pokémon, dealing damage and slowing them down. If you hit the same Pokémon five times in quick succession, Inteleon gains a damage bonus against that target for a brief period, making it perfect for taking down tankier foes.

Held Items:

Slick Spoon:

The Slick Spoon held item enhances Inteleon’s critical-hit capabilities even further. It increases critical-hit damage and boosts the chance of landing critical hits. With Inteleon’s focus on critical hits, the Slick Spoon is a must-have held item.

Wise Glasses:

The Wise Glasses held item enhances Inteleon’s special attacks, making its Water Gun and Tearful Look even more potent. The increase in special attack damage amplifies your overall damage output, ensuring you remain a constant threat to the enemy team.

Choice Specs:

The Choice Specs held item provides a substantial boost to special attack damage for a limited time. This item works well when combined with Inteleon’s burst damage potential, allowing you to deal heavy blows during crucial moments in the match.

Battle Item:

Eject Button:

The Eject Button battle item grants Inteleon unparalleled mobility and escape potential. Use it to quickly reposition during team fights, escape dangerous situations, or catch opponents off-guard.

Playstyle and Strategy

As an Inteleon player, your primary objective is to capitalize on its stealth and critical-hit capabilities to eliminate high-value targets from a distance. Begin by staying near walls to trigger camouflage and gain critical counters with Sniper. Use Tearful Look to weaken opponents and set up critical hits.

When engaging in team fights, use Fell Stinger to deal burst damage and gain critical counters, which will boost your overall damage output. For AOE damage and crowd control, rely on Liquidation to disrupt enemy formations and soften up multiple targets.

Throughout the match, prioritize positioning and timing your critical hits for maximum impact. Coordinate with your team to make the most of Azure Spy Vision, revealing hidden enemy Pokémon and gaining an advantage in team engagements.

Remember to communicate with your team, especially during critical moments like securing objectives or initiating team fights. Utilize the Eject Button to escape unfavorable situations or surprise opponents with unexpected positioning.

With the right move path, held items, and battle item, Inteleon becomes a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of delivering devastating critical hits and turning the tide of battle in your team’s favor. Master the art of stealth and precision, and unleash Inteleon’s full potential to become an unstoppable sniper in “Pokemon Unite.”

Inteleon Gameplay Guide

Early Game (Level 1-5):

Start with Sniper (Passive Ability): Position yourself near walls to activate camouflage and gain critical counters. Use this advantage to harass opponents and secure last hits on Wild Pokemon.

Mid Game (Level 5-7):

    • Choose Your Move Path:
      • If you prefer burst damage and critical counters, go for Fell Stinger (Move 1) at Level 5. It’s excellent for dealing damage in quick bursts and gaining critical counters to set up powerful attacks.
      • If you value mobility and crowd control, opt for Acrobatics (Move 1) at Level 5. Use it to glide and damage opponents while reducing their movement speed.
    • Level 7 Upgrade:
      • Snipe Shot (Move 2) is great for precision damage and bypassing the opponent’s Sp. Def. It’s especially useful against tanky enemies.
      • Liquidation (Move 2) provides AOE damage and bonuses against the same target. Use it to disrupt team fights and deal extra damage over time.

Late Game (Level 9):

    • Azure Spy Vision (Unite Move) is a game-changer. Activate it during critical moments, team fights, or when contesting important objectives like Zapdos. The doubled critical-hit rate and vision advantage can turn the tide of battles in your favor. 

Gameplay Strategies

      • Positioning and Camouflage: Utilize Inteleon’s stealth near walls to gain the advantage of camouflage. Surprise opponents with critical hits and escape unfavorable engagements.
      • Critical Timing: Time your attacks to make the most of critical counters. Coordinate with your team to capitalize on these boosted attacks during team fights.
      • Team Coordination: Communicate with your team to make the most of Azure Spy Vision’s detection capabilities. Use the revealed enemy positions to set up ambushes and coordinate strategic plays.
      • Objective Control: Participate in team fights during objective control phases. Use your powerful moves to secure critical objectives like Zapdos or Rotom.
      • Target Priority: Focus on eliminating key targets, especially enemy Attackers and Supports, to weaken the opposing team’s overall effectiveness.
      • Avoid Overextension: While Inteleon can deal significant damage, it’s also relatively fragile. Avoid overextending into enemy territory without team support, and be mindful of your positioning during engagements.