Five Best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite For Beginners

Every Pokémon in Pokémon Unite are strong, at the hands of the right trainer. As a beginner, some Pokémon are easier to play than others. Some are harder to play but that does not mean it is stronger. The Pokémon that are easier to play are just as potentially impactful as the difficult ones. But as a bonus, it is faster to be proficient in them as they require less practice to learn and master.

For this article, we are going to discuss the five best Pokémon in Pokémon Unite for Beginners. We are going to list one Pokémon for each role. It is important to know one Pokémon for each role because you won’t have your way with your preferred role all the time, until we have role queuing in Pokémon Unite, anyway.

Knowing how to play one Pokémon in each role will allow you to be a top-tier team player in no time. Remember, you are doing your team a favor by picking the role your team needs instead of insisting on being a second speedster or attacker.

Plus! We are not just going to list the best Pokémon for beginners, we are also going to discuss why they’re a good pick, what’s their best moveset for this season 1, and what’s their best Held Items so you can immediately go on your way and dominate your games!

Disclaimer: This guide may differ from the main guides as this does not represent the meta but it shows the easiest way to play the discussed Pokémon.

Attacker – Pikachu

The best Attacker for beginners in Pokémon Unite is none other than Pikachu. It is by far the easiest attacker to play. Pikachu has moves that require zero skill shot knowledge as it homes on targets and its Unite move, Thunderstorm, a wide area damaging move, is a one-press wonder.

Beginner Moveset

Electro Ball
Volt Tackle

These two moves are both one press moves that follow target enemies. The only thing you need to worry about is being close enough to your enemies. Volt Tackle also helps Pikachu against speedsters, which are the attacker’s worst enemies.

Pikachu’s Held Items

Buddy Barrier
Wise Glasses
Choice Specs

This Held Item set balances damage and survivability for Pikachu. Learn more about Pikachu and the Held Item choices in its main guide here: Pikachu Guide.

Defender – Snorlax

Snorlax is the easiest Defender to play and personally, the most amusing. All you will do with Snorlax is squash enemies, flail your arms around, and sleep. It has absurd defenses and regeneration and its Hindrance moves affect a wide area.

Beginner Moveset

Heavy Slam

These moves are both area Hindrances. You just have to land these moves on one or two enemies, more is better of course, and you have already contributed a lot to your team.

Snorlax’s Held Items

Buddy Barrier
Score Shield
Focus Band

This Held Item set gives extreme amounts of HP, shielding, defenses, and regeneration. Learn more about Snorlax and the Held Item choices in its main guide here: Snorlax Guide.

Support – Blissey

Supports win the battle by assisting allies through healing and buffing allies or applying Hindrances on enemies. Blissey is the most straightforward support by definition. Walk around the battlefield while throwing eggs that heal your teammates and buff them endlessly.

Beginner Moveset

Helping Hand
Soft Boiled

These moves are Blissey’s most straightforward way to support allies. Helping Hand buffs the speed of both you and allies while Soft Boiled allows you to spam heals on allies and yourself.

Blissey’s Held Items

Buddy Barrier
Exp Share
Wise Glasses

This Held Item set gives a balanced amount of HP, shielding, bonus experience for both you and your lane partner, and increased healing. Remember to always use Exp Share when playing as a traditional support, especially when playing with a pre-made party. Learn more about Blissey and the Held Item choices in its main guide here: Blissey Guide.

All-Rounder – Charizard

Charizard is the most all-rounded among all all-rounders. It got a balanced amount of damage, survivability, mobility, and a strong Unite move. Plus, Charizard is a fire-breathing dragon. What’s not to like?

Beginner Moveset

Fire Punch
Fire Blast

Consistent with being the most balanced all-rounder, this movement grants balanced mobility, damage, and Hindrance. It is not as simple to use compared to the first four movesets, but it is still straightforward and easy to learn. For example, learning how to manually cast Fire Punch will teach you how to use dash moves to escape enemies. While Fire Blast is a good move to learn how to use area moves to zone or keep away enemies from a certain area.

Charizard’s Held Items

Muscle Band
Energy Amplifier
Buddy Barrier

This Held Item set revolves around powering up Charizard’s Unite move, Seismic Slam. It is one of the strongest Unite moves in the game so revolving your playstyle around it is the most straightforward way to go with Charizard. Learn more about Charizard and the Held Item choices in its main guide here: Charizard Guide.

Speedster – Talonflame

Speedsters, who mostly occupy the central lane, are all about flashy plays and moving across the map, ganking the Top and Bottom lanes. Talonflame is the best Pokémon to learn how the central area works because among the speedsters, its moveset is the simplest, and its movement speed is one of the fastest.

Beginner Moveset

Flame Charge

Fly allows Talonflame to literally fly above obstacles, making it one of the most, if not the most, convenient move to use for ganking. It is also a great move to teach you how to set up fights as it has perfect synergy with Talonflame’s Unite move, Flame Sweep.

Talonflame’s Held Items

Razor Claw
Muscle Band
Float Stone

This Held Item set increases Talonflame’s roaming and burst damage potential. This has no defense items so it will teach you how to play smart with squishy Pokémon. Of course, you can substitute Float Stone with Buddy Barrier or Score Shield if you want some bonus HP. Learn more about Talonflame and the Held Item choices in its main guide here: Talonflame Guide.


This guide is not an end-all-be-all rule for beginners. If you want to play the more difficult Pokémon, then, by all means, do so. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you enjoy playing. On the other hand, if you want to have the most edge in your games, refer to our tier list. Good luck and have fun in your games, trainer!

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