Attack Vs. Special Attack Guide

Are you a long-time Pokémon fan? If yes, you might be surprised that there is no type advantage in Pokémon Unite. The type advantage isn’t totally removed but instead, there are only two types, Attack and Special Attack. Attack and Special Attack is the most important stat in Pokémon Unite. Increasing it through leveling up and through Held … Read more

Pokemon Unite Held Item Tier List

Held Items are items that grant specific power-ups to your Pokemon. Each Held Item grants unique stats and passive effects that grant your Pokemon the edge it needs to dominate the battlefield. There are three important reasons why you need to learn about the Held Items: Pokemon gets stronger by a signifiant amount if it … Read more

UNITE is coming to smartphones on September 22

Pokemon Unite  is being the last great success of Pokemon , being a MOBA title that was launched last July to Nintendo Switch  and with a launch for smartphones , both iOS  and Android  scheduled for the month of September, although the final release date was not announced . but It seems that we finally have the definitive date that September 22nd .  You can register now to … Read more