Attack Vs. Special Attack Guide

Are you a long-time Pokémon fan? If yes, you might be surprised that there is no type advantage in Pokémon Unite. The type advantage isn’t totally removed but instead, there are only two types, Attack and Special Attack.

Attack and Special Attack is the most important stat in Pokémon Unite. Increasing it through leveling up and through Held Items is crucial for winning the battle. But some Pokémon are Attack type and some are Special Attack type. In this guide, we will learn what Pokémon are an Attack type or a Special Attack type and we will also learn the Held Items that work for each type.


Attack type Pokémon are the ones that deal physical damage in Pokémon Unite. Held Items that increase the Attack stat affects the basic attack, boosted attack, and move damage of Attack Type Pokémon.

Affected by Attack stat boost:

Basic AttackYes
Boosted AttackYes

List of Attack type Pokémon:

The following Pokémon benefits from Attack boosting Held Items and Special Attack type Held Items won’t increase their damage.

List of Attack type Held Items:

These Held Items are specifically made for Attackers.

Attack Weight – Increases Attack for each goal scored.
Float Stone – Increases Attack and Movement Speed.
Razor Claw – Increases Attack and Crit and grants bonus physical damage after using a move.
Weakness Policy – Increases Attack, HP, and grants bonus Attack each time its user takes damage.

Muscle Band – Increases Attack, Attack Speed and grants bonus physical damage based on enemy’s current HP. (This item is sometimes used by Sp. Attackers.)

Special Attack

Special Attack is akin to “magic” on other games. Held Items that increase Special Attack only increases the damage of moves and boosted attack. It does not increase the damage of basic attacks but it increases the amount of healing a Pokémon does through its moves.

Affected by Special Attack stat boost:

Basic AttackNo
Boosted AttackYes

List of Special Attack type Pokémon: 

The following Pokémon benefits from Special Attackboosting Held Items and Attack type Held Items won’t increase their damage.

List of Special Attack type Held Items:

These Held Items are specifically made for Special Attackers.

Wise Glasses – Increases the Special Attack of its user based on a flat and a percentage amount.
Shell Bell – Increases Special Attack, decreases move cooldown and, heals the user when its move hits.
Sp. Attack Specs – Increases Special Attack for each goal scored.
Choice Specs – Increases Special Attack and Special Attack damage of one enemy hit by the user’s moves.


Now you know the difference between Attack and Special Attack! You can now equip and level up the proper Held Items for your favorite Pokémon! If you are still confused on what Held Items you need to buy, upgrade, and equip to your favorite Pokémon, read our Held Item tier list here: Best Held Items.

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